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The Bitcoin Podcast #279: Cory Doctorow --Journalist and Author

Episode Notes

This episode is all about the interview. It was a phenomenal one! Cory Doctorow is a journalist, author, and technologist. Know for his advocating and the freedom of expression on the internet; he is part of the EFF. Author of the book, "Down and out in the Magic Kingdom." A story know for the use of a digital currency called whuffies. Cory very eloquently illustrates the cases for cryptocurrency, as well as the current state of crypto, which leaves much to be longed for. Cryptocurrency is not painting the best picture as a community for who uses these cryptocurrencies. And, from an outsider looking in, that is a large barrier to entry. Cory is a longtime advocate for Open Sources Software, Privacy, and Internet freedom in general. Hates DRM(Digital Rights Management) all his books on his site for both audio and digital are DRM Free.