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On-Ramping with Dee #25: Cory Stevens

Episode Summary

This is On-Ramping with Dee. Demetrick has been in cryptocurrency for so long he feels a slight duty to educate as many curious minds as possible. This show is his attempt to inform all those that are interested about Bitcoin but not sure where and how to start learning.

Episode Notes

Guest: Cory Stevens
Occupation: Landscaper

Investing, investing, investing! We did a lot of investing talk in this episode, but why not? In reality, the main reason people are even exposed to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is becasue every few months there is an enormous price change that refocuses the populous. After nearly 6 year of me being "that guy" on Facebook, Cory decided to ping me in the DMs and learn why I've been ranting and raving for over halfe a decade.