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DoE # 34 - Parity's Pivot

Episode Summary

Lucian and Evan discuss Parity's pivot away from maintaining their Ethereum client. While saddened to see a great team of developers change focus to work on Polkadot, we also are optimistic that the wider blockchain community won't respond to Parity founder's 'call to arms' to initiate 'blockchain wars.' After the 40 min mark we also discuss Saga, a stable coin mirroring a standard IMF basket of currencies. We end on a discussion on EIP1559 which locks ETH in as part of the protocol and eliminates the possibility of economic abstraction, i.e. miners getting paid in other ERC 20 tokens.

Episode Notes

Blockchain Wars

TLDR the Parity Pivot

Saga Stable Coin

EIP 1559 Notes from Evan